Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses have long held a significant place in women’s hearts. Since a wedding is once in a lifetime, women want to wear something that makes them feel like a princess or center of attention for one day. With the wide array of wedding dresses and gowns available on the market, it can be tough to pick that perfect dress. Fortunately, it is possible to find a dress that flatters any woman at a price she can afford.

Gown History:

The wedding dress has a long and widely varied history. During the Middle Ages, a marriage between a man and woman was as much as political or business match as a union between two people. In fact, marriages at the time had almost nothing to do with love and were primarily designed to bring two families together, two businesses together or two countries together.

Wedding gowns in history were often a display of a family’s standing and a girl at her wedding was representing herself and her family. Wealthy families often had girls wear dresses in various materials like silk, fur and velvet. During the Middle Ages, women’s dresses were in a wide variety of colors and styles that matched the fashions of the day.

The “white wedding” was introduced by Mary Queen of Scots, but did not become popular until Queen Victoria wore white in her 1840 wedding. It was Queen Victoria who led women to the traditional white dress often seen in modern weddings.

Eastern Traditions:

A wedding gown in the western world is often white in color, though modern dresses have changed to incorporate more colors. Eastern cultures, particularly in India and China, do not follow the same trends. Instead, the brides traditionally wear red for the wedding.

Red is an auspicious color and represents luck in many Eastern cultures. As a result, women wear red as a sign of luck in the marriage.

Though the traditional colors are red, modern brides might wear a variation on the color such as pink, orange or purple instead.

Modern Dresses:

Modern wedding dresses come in a wide range of styles, fabrics and designs. Women can select a traditional gown that is reminiscent of Victorian ball gowns, a mermaid style gown that hugs tightly to the body or anything in-between.

Lengths of modern dresses also vary. Some dresses are short while others take the traditional ankle length approach. The colors are generally a shade of white, ivory or eggshell, but women can get wedding dresses in other colors as well.

Wedding dresses have change dramatically over the years. As weddings and fashions have changed, women have worn different variations of the dresses to match personality, body type and personal preferences for their special day.

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